Welcome to our page! We are a husband and wife team that loves making, crafting and customizing items from our home in, beautiful, Nova Scotia. My name is David and my wife’s name is Sammy. She loves to knit and is quite crafty. She is a self taught knitter that started with arm knitting before moving on to loom knitting and then needle knitting. It’s rare to see her without a project, or multiple projects, on the go. I haven’t mastered knitting and purling but I do have a lot of other abilities that we use to make, personalize, customize a variety of items. Some of my hobbies include:

 – Screen printing

 – Glass Etching

– CNC Carving and Cutting

– Laser engraving/cutting

– 3D Printing and Modelling

– Graphic Design

– Resin molding and casting

– Vinyl Decals

– Natural beeswax products.

With our combined skills and interests, the creative possibilities are almost endless!

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